1. Nuvvu poddunne nidra lechi muggarini nidre lepu. Aa muggarini maro muggurni lepamanu. Ilaa lazyless ni india nunchi tarimi kottadam.
Note: Nannu matram lepaddu please..........

2. Man 2 god:: o god,giv me one bag full of money,a job,1 big vehicle,full of girls..
God:: ur wish is fulfilled..and the mad became a ladies bus conductor..

3. one day i met some1 in coffee day,really gud loking,ead smart,delightful,more like a i walked near..,damit !SAINT GOBAIN MIRRORS..It was me..

4. when ur life is in darkness..,pray god n ask him to free u frm darkness....even after u pray..if ur still in darkness..pls pay ur electricity bill....

5. Dont giv imp 2 money bcz it can giv bed but not sleep,books but not brains,cloths but not beauty,luxuries but not transfer it 2 my account..

6. ur brain will be refreshed shortly....processing data ......1% .....2%. ....5%..... .10%.... .50%.... .80%.... .90%.....99%..error no brain found....

7. 3 things to watch: beauty,action,behaviour.
3 things to control:toung,temper,temptation.
3 things to love: purity,honesty,hard work.
3 things to do: call me,msg me, remember me.....

8. God saw u hungry, he made food..
god saw u thirsty, he made water..
god saw u sleepy, he made bed..
go saw u without friend, nannu irikinchesadu....:-)

9. Luv leter of ukg boy..
Dear luv dream i c u..everywer u ..u no,i liv no..i com re shirt 2morow, u love i,u com red frock..i wait down mango tree..u com mango tree..u no com jump train..sure com ..urs lovingly..Bunty(UKG B) 2 Bubbly(LKG A)..

10. Oka pranam viluva adi poyaka manaku telustundi..for ex: bathikunna kodi kg 80rs.,adi chanipothe kg 130rs.., :-)

11. Sardar 1: Na bad lo emundo chepthe na bag lo unna apple ista, alage enni unnayo chepthe unna 8 apples neeke ista..
sardar 2: Please edaina clue cheppu.. :-)

12. Introucing T20 format in english..
>Reduce xam time by 1hr and marks by 50..
>Introduce breaks after each 15 mins..
>Give free hit marks for unexpected questions..
>1st 30 mins power play no invisilatorin class..
>cheer girls in every cls,they will dance when v take additional sheet..

13. Arey sigu leda ramanaku.. 65% atendnce chalada 95% kavala, rendu rojulu col ki velthe
saripoda,renduvaralu vellala ? arey oka notes chalada aaru nots lu kavala, 60% marks
chalava, 95% marks kavala...."STUDENT LEADER".

14. College first day::
boy-hai..mee peru enti ?
girl- nannu andaru akka antaaru....
boy-wow..! what a coincidene....nannu andaru bava antaru....

15.Police arrested sardar from making accident of truck..
judge : how d accident occur ?
sardar : I don't know..i was sleeping while driving.. :-)

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